Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT Rene Tammist and Deputy Secretary General for IT Siim Sikkut were in Paris on March 11-12th to attend a high-level OECD conference “Going Digital Summit” and present innovative digital solutions jointly developed by the Estonian public and private sectors. “The fact that most of the communication between companies, the state and private individuals is handled online is a natural fact in Estonia, but it seems to be out of reach in many countries worldwide. In many European countries the concept of an e-invoice still stands for a PDF-file sent by e-mail, and filling tax declarations may take days. In Estonia we are proud to have e-School, Digital Medical Prescription and Digital Medical Records - practical examples of how we can safely and swiftly move data between registers in Estonia,” explained Minister Tammist. “E-Estonia has always been a pathfinder to e-solutions and this has been noticed worldwide. Our X-road data exchange system, which includes all data and e-services across the public sector, has now expanded to Finland and hopefully will soon make it to Iceland as well. This is a great example of how to cooperate cross-border between public sectors to develop innovative solutions. The free movement of data is a prerequisite to improving Europe’s competitiveness and Estonia’s X-road is a major contributor towards this,” said minister Tammist.
The summit is attended by IT-ministers and high-ranking digital affairs officials from 36 countries alongside representatives from the private sector. The summit also discussed what should countries do in order to avoid placing people in unfair situations due to the digitalisation of the public sector and the economy.