Minister Tammist lead a business delegation to Shenzhen to open up new opportunities for the benefit of Estonia’s economy. A business delegation led by the minister conducted meetings with the top managements of SF Express, Tencent and Huawei. The Chinese partners were extremely interested in cooperation with Estonian enterprises and the government. Huawei’s vice president Edward Zhou hosted the Estonian delegation at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, where the Minister presented the possibilities for establishing Huawei’s R&D facilities in Estonia with a focus on Smart City and IoT solutions. “Huawei expressed great interest in partnership with Estonia for the development of e-state services and for visiting Estonia on a top management level in the near future,” added Tammist. Huawei already cooperates with Telia, Elisa, HITSA and Datel in Estonia. WeChat Pay Europe’s manager Ashley Guo explained the possibilities that China’s most popular social network has to offer to Estonian entrepreneurs, particularly in the field of tourism. “Tallink has already launched preparations for using WeChat Pay, as it is the preferred payment option for Chinese tourists abroad. We were introduced to several ways how nations and cities have used WeCat for destination marketing and we hope to use this medium for promoting Estonia to the ever-increasing number of Chinese tourists - this will also be one of the cornerstones of Enterprise Estonia’s marketing stragegy,” noted Minister Tammist. WeChat Pay’s users today amount to billions and Nielsen’s market research shows that 90 per cent of Chinese tourists prefer to use Chinese mobile solutions for paying for services abroad. Minister Tammist also met with the top management of SF Express, the largest independent express delivery service provider in China. SF Express shares an interest in a joint venture with Estonian postal company Omniva, Post11. “By jointly working together for better data management we can reduce the bureaucracy related to cross-border trade - this may open up opportunities for Estonia to act as a distribution hub for Chinese goods to the European market and vice versa,” said Minister Tammist. SF Express handles over 1.86 billion parcels per year and nearly 10 million parcels per day. SF Express said that their international business is growing faster than their domestic business and Chinese import volumes are on the rise thanks to the demands of the emerging Chinese middle class.