The leading digital nations of the world convened in Israel to discuss the responsible use of artificial intelligence. The Estonian IT-minister Rene Tammist said that the ethical challenges of AI implementation must be considered more widely than on the level of just one country. “Responsible and ethical AI use is easier to promote globally if more like-minded countries take part in the endeavour,” noted minister Tammist, pointing out several applications already implementing AI in Estonia. “The State Information Systems Board already uses AI for identifying cybersecurity incidents and the Agricultural Records Bureau uses satellite data collected by the European Space Agency for understanding what goes on in the field, literally,” explained Tammist. Next year’s summit will be hosted by South America’s IT-leader Uruguay, who has a brilliant working relationship with Estonia. “I offered Estonian support and know-how to Uruguay during our meeting,” explained Tammist. Uruguay’s CIO Jose Clastornik said that they are eager to cooperate with Estonia, as partnership with Estonia has been the most productive among the leading digital nations of the world. “Our partnership in digital connections has been excellent and I am convinced that it will improve even further in the coming years,” said Clastornik. At yesterday’s D9 digital network meeting, Minister Tammist met with delegations from Israel, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Uruguay, South Korea, Portugal and Mexico. The Estonian business delegation accompanying the Estonian IT-minister held meetings with local tech firms and startups in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Estonian businesses Mooncascade, Reaalsüsteemid, Oshno Electronics Estonia, Ecomatic, Zell Aronovich attorneys-at-law and representatives from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry met with their Israeli counterparts such as Nexari, BeeHero and Beyond Verbal.